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Restaurant La Rocca

“La Rocca” means a fortress built on a rock or on a dominant (highest convex, highly accentuated) hill in Italian.

La Rocca is the name of a square tower – a remnant of the fortress castle built around the most populated hill of the village of Brendola.

There we spent our childhood. We, the partners Stefano, Angelina and Boris, met in Brendola, where we sat around a big wooden table in Stefano’s kitchen, having fun planning our future.

The choice of this name was very natural to us: in tribute to the place where everything started. We brought with us the authentic flavors of the typical cuisine and the famous delicious pizzas. That’s why we chose the shape of the fortress as our symbol when the restaurant opened its doors for the first time in 2016.


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Boris is an Italian with Bulgarian origin – a young chef who craftsmanship is proven by his great passion for cooking. Passion, patience and persistence are the ingredients of his success. Even though he has never attended a culinary school, he discovered his passion for cooking when he was fourteen and since then, confident that his life will be in the kitchen. In 1993, together with his mother, he moved to Italy, where he developed his passion for good food. His dream was to become a chef, no matter if this profession was socially poorly accepted.

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Here we will provide you with interesting information about authentic Italian cuisine, refreshed through the prism of La Rocca. In addition, you can expect pictures and stories from and about Italy in a fascinating and inquisitive way, as well as trends from the classic and modern culinary repertoire of the world of taste. Visit this section for more information about upcoming and past events with us as well as for the people behind La Rocca – their colors, energy and everyday motivation.

Автентична италианска кухня

Децата играят, вие хапвате!

Хапнете в La Rocca, a децата Ви ще играят БЕЗПЛАТНО и НЕОГРАНИЧЕНО в нашия плейграунд “Джунгла” в най-големия детски “кът” PARK BOBY&KELLY.

Детският кът е подходящ за всички деца между 2 и 10 години.



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our events

  • Family lunches or just dinner with friends.
  • At La Rocca, you can celebrate any holiday with your family and friends or with your colleagues’ families.
  • A corporate party can bring a feeling of a family holiday. Only with us, you can give your employees and their children an unforgettable experience. In recent years, people have seen a growing desire and need for more family gatherings, so we suggest that we take over the organization for such a special evening or lunch for you. Imagine, while the children are embarking on an incredible adventures in the exotic jungles of Cambodia, flying the sky with the Boeing 747 simulator or swimming in the endless ocean with Captain Cook’s grand pirate galleon, you can enjoy cozy atmosphere, delicious Italian specialties and selected wines from all regions of Italy. We’ll take care of your kids.
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